This article will explain how to process a Store Credit on a Customer Record and then how to report on Store Credits


For a user to be able to process a Store Credit on a Customer Record, the user will need to have the user permission - Adjust store credits 

How to process a Store Credit on a Customer Record

1.  Navigate to the relevant Customer record that you need to process a Store Credit on

2.  On the Customer record scroll to the Store Credit section

  1. To process a Store Credit or make an adjustment of a Store Credit > Click on > then select Adjust Store Credits

  1. Store Credit Adjustment window will pop up for you to complete the Amount and Note and then click on 

  1. The Store Credit Adjustment will be now listing in the Activity section with a running Store Credit Balance under the Summary section


How to run a Report to list Store Credits 

It may be necessary to run a report to see a list of Customers with Store Credits

  1. From the Blackpurl Header, click on Reporting > Reports


  1. Scroll down to Common Search > People and click on Customers to run the report
Once the report has generated, click on User-added image and add the Store Credits column

  1. You can change the report to only list Store Credits by changing the search parameters
Clicking on User-added image > click on User-added imagethen click on Store credits 

  1. Once the Store Credits is added to the parameters, change Store Credits fields from Any to Greater than 0

User-added image
  1. When you click on User-added image the report will change to only report on Customers who have Store Credits greater than 0

To see what the Summary Totals for Store Credits is, click on User-added image

Further Information

  • A Store Credit on the Customer record can be used as a Deposit on a Customer Order

For further information, please review our article - Using Store Credits as a Customer Order Deposit 


  • If you have Accounting Integration - Please read

In Accounting Integration, please ensure that you have the correct GL set for your Store Credit Accrual and Store Credit Expense in the Control Account section


User-added image

For further information, please review our article - Understanding Accounting Integration - Step 4 Control Accounts - Store Credit Accrual