This article will explain how your Blackpurl Customer Deposits should balance out to your Customer Deposit General Ledger in your Accounting Package

If this process is done on a regular basis, the Dealership knows that the Customer Deposits are correct and if there are any issues, they can be picked up and corrected straight away

In Blackpurl

From the Blackpurl Homepage, you will notice that it will list the total Customer Deposits that the Dealership is currently holding:

If you click on that total, it will then generate a Customer Deposit report that will list Customers / Customer Orders / Amounts that make up this Customer Deposits total

The total of Customer Deposits in Blackpurl should equal the total that your Customer Deposit General Ledger in your Accounting Package

For example:

In our test environment we ran the Customer Deposit Report in Blackpurl and it has indicated that the total amount of Customer Deposits that is being held by the Dealership is $161,671.10

Now you will need to check the relevant Customer Deposit General Ledger in your accounting package to see if it matches what BP Customer Deposits indicates

But how do you know which General Ledger to check?

To know what Customer Deposit General Ledger you need to balance out to:

System Settings > Accounting Integration - Control Account - Customer Deposits

In our example below, the General Ledger that we would be balancing out to is - 1010 BP Customer Deposits 

Please ensure that you check this in this your Blackpurl - as each Dealership is different 

In your Accounting Package

We then logged into our accounting package and reviewed the Customer Deposit General Ledger and noted the balance of that General Ledger and it is also $161,671.10

As it balances, there is no further work required

If it doesn't balance, the dealership will need to work out why it doesn't balance ie maybe someone has manually added a new transaction into the Customer Deposit General Ledger OR manually changed a figure etc

Things for the Dealership to check if it doesn't balance:

  • Has someone processed a manual transactions directly to the Customer Deposit General Ledger?

  • Has someone changed / modified an integrated transaction from Blackpurl?

  • As you should be balancing this General Ledger on a regular basis, check each transaction from the last time the Dealership balanced it