This article will cover off how to create / add a new fee as well as how to edit an existing fee

How to Create / Add New Fee 

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Click User-added image > User-added image

User-added image

  1. Complete the relevant details in the New Fee window and then click on User-added image 





User will need to indicate if this FEE is for Selling or Purchasing Transaction

  • Selling means that you can only use this fee on Customer Orders
  • Purchasing means you can only use this fee on Vendor Invoices








A quick small name for the FEE ie FRT VENDOR







A full description of what the FEE is ie Freight







The relevant price (you can leave at $0)







What Category do you want to attach to this FEE

If you have accounting integration, it will be which General Ledger account the FEE transactions integrates to

For further information, please review our article - Understanding Accounting Integration - Categories - Fee's








Attach a tag to this FEE

For further information, please review our article –What is a Tag / How to Setup Tags








When you click the check box to say it is Taxable, it will then ask you to indicate Applicable Tax:






Include in profit calculation



Move the toggle if you want the FEE to be included in the profit calculations ie Customer Order

For further information, please review our articles - Customer Order Profitability and 

Fees and Customer Order Profitability





Don’t forget to SAVE

How to Edit an Existing Fee


1.  Navigate to the existing Fee Record by doing a Global Search or running a Report on Fees and clicking into

the existing fee that you want to edit

These articles will assist on how to navigate to the existing Fee Record:

Reporting - Fees

Blackpurl Global Search

2.  One you have navigated to the existing Fee Record that you want to edit then simply click on

3.  From the Edit Fee screen, make your changes and then click on

Keep in mind that the Type and Code are greyed out as these are two fields that cannot be edited etc