This article and the video above will show the Dealership can indicate on a Customer Order > Unit Deal a Salesperson together with what Commission 

This will allow you to see the full profitability on a Unit Deal


For Salespersons to list and for users to have access to the Salesperson / Commission sections on a Customer Order > Unit Deal, there are a few setups need to be completed 

Setup Salesperson

The Dealership will need to setup who they want to list as a Salesperson on the Customer Order > Unit Deal :

  • From the Blackpurl Header > click on User-added image > System Settings

User-added image

  • From the System Setting Dashboard > click on User-added image

User-added image

  • The Salespersons need to list under the Time Clocking tab > Staff member list 

If your Salesperson is not listing in the Add a new staff member section, complete the First Name / Last Name and then click on User-added image

User-added image

  • The new Salesperson will now list for selection in the Salesperson field on a Customer Order Unit Deal

User-added image

User Permission - Deal commissions

Users will also need the User Permission - Deal commissions enabled to be able to view / modify the relevant field on the Customer Order > Unit Deal - Commission

How to indicate on a Customer Order > Unit Deal - Salesperson Commission 

Navigate to the relevant Customer Order > Unit Deal

On a Unit Deal > Summary section - you can indicate who the Salesperson is and how much Commission they are earning from the Unit Deal

User-added image

The Salesperson field is a dropdown and the user will select the relevant Salesperson from the list

The Commission earned field is a manual field where the user manually enters the $ commission earned by the Salesperson

Adding in a Salesperson and a Commission amount will assist in calculating the profitability on a Customer Order Unit Deal

For further information, please review our article - Customer Order Profitability