This article will go through how to troubleshoot issues of printing from Blackpurl to your Laser Printer

Blackpurl does not recommend any specific Laser Printer but all Laser Printers should be plug and play - which means that the device only needs to be connected to the computer for it to work

If you cannot print from Blackpurl, we would suggest that you please troubleshoot the following areas first:

Hardware Issues

Check the following:

  • Printer is plugged in and power is on
  • Printer is connected to computer or relevant network
  • The correct paper size has been selected and loaded 
  • There are no paper jams 
  • Sufficient Toner or ink is available 

Print Driver Issues

Check the following:

  • The print driver is up to date and make sure that you can print a Windows Test Page


Browser Issues

Check the following printer configurations:

  • The correct printer is set as default
  • It is not shrink to fit
  • Check any further troubleshooting issues to do with your browser on the internet

Pop Up Blocker:

If you have troubleshooted all the above issues and you are able to print a Windows Test Page but you cannot still print from your Blackpurl, check to see if your Windows Pop Up Blocker has been enabled

If the Windows Pop Up Blocker is enabled it may stop the print preview page from loading and why you may find that you can print in some sections of Blackpurl and not in others

For further information please research on the internet how your Browser deals with Pop Up Blockers:

If you are still having issues and you have checked all of the above, please contact Blackpurl Support -

Work Around:

If you are able to print a Windows Test Page but cannot print from Blackpurl as a work around until support can assist, email yourself the Customer Order Invoice or Vendor Invoice etc and print from your email

You can also suggest to the customer that you can email the document to them.