This article will take you through the process of Dealership entering Stocked Units into Blackpurl Inventory 

This process is usually used when you are adding units at activation etc

**For those Dealerships with Accounting Integration - please be sure to read the Accounting Integration Note at the end of this article  

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click  User-added image 


  1. Complete the relevant details on the Add Stock Unit window and then click on User-added image

           If there are stock units that have similar information as the ones you entered, it will show in the Existing                   Similar units section.

Note the mandatory fields that need to be completed - VIN / Make / Model / Cost


Accounting Integration Note:

For those Dealerships that Accounting Integration, please be advised that this entry will generate a journal entry in your Accounting Package but will not create a Vendor Invoice document for you to pay on

The relevant transaction will be:

  • Debit to your Default Unit Inventory General Account
  • Credit to your Unit Adjustment Category General Ledger  

As an example in our Test Environment: