1. From the Blackpurl Header - Click User-added image
To sell Stock On Hand parts to an unknown customer (Cash Sale), you DO NOT need to Select Customer 

Go straight to selecting SELL PARTS & ACCESSORIES

User-added image

  1. This will open up PARTS & ACCESSORIES section for you to search or scan for the parts the CASH SALE customer wishes to purchase. 

User-added image
  1. Click in Scan or search to add a part, kit, fee or merchandise field so you can search/scan for the relevant part.
In this example our CASH SALE customer is purchasing a Brake Pad.
To add the part to the Customer Order >
  • To scan - just scan the barcode on the part
  • To search- start typing your search keyword - Brake Pad - the system will start listing the search results that match then click on the relevant Brake Pad.
  • Click to select which Brake Pad they are buying.
User-added image

  1. Once the part has been added > type in QTY NEEDED > change the PRICE as required
User-added image

TIP: A running balance is available in the CHECKOUT section

If customer is buying additional items, go back to Step 3 and add all the items they are purchasing to the Customer Order.
  1. The Customer Order is now complete and you need to process the payment from the Customer. 
From the Checkout section > click on User-added image
Choose A Payment Method > type in the amount for that Payment Method > click on User-added image
User-added image

TIP: You can process multiple Payment Methods > just choose your Payment Method and type in the amount payable by that payment method / then choose another Payment Method for the next payment until full amount of the Customer Order is complete.

  1. Once the Customer Order has been paid in full and the Balance Due area changes to GREEN
Click on User-added image with the option to Print Invoice or Email Invoice to customer. 
User-added image
  1. Once the Customer Order is finalised, no further changes can be made as the status is now CLOSED and a new Invoice History section has been added.
User-added image
Remember this is a Cash Sale so this Customer Order will not list on any Customer Record.