For information about what a Kit is, please review our article -What is a Kit?

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Click User-added image > User-added image


User-added image
  1. Complete the relevant details on the New Kit window and then click User-added image
User-added image
Code:                Type in a quick code that would help users recognise this Kit

Description:      Type in the description of this Kit

Can it be Split:  Indicates when you have added this Kit to a Customer Order, whether or not the user split the kit up ie delete items etc.

Service Kit:       Indicates whether or not this Kit can be used on a Service Job.

If Service Kit is selected, there will be additional information that you will need to complete ie Concern / Cause / Correction, What Transaction Types can use this Kit and does it apply to a specific Make/Model.

User-added image

 TIP: When entering text in Concern / Cause / Correction - you will need to press ENTER on your keyboard to accept the text. Any text entered into Concern / Cause / Correction will be able to be edited once on a Customer Order.

  1. Once you have saved the Kit, the system will open up the Kit record, for you to add items to this Kit.
User-added image
To add items that you want to include in this Kit ie labour lines, parts, fees etc, click into the Search to Add field and search for item and then click on the item to select/add.

User-added image
  1. Once you have added the item to the Kit, it will list in the Kit Content area for review of the Qty and Price.
Continue to add all your items ie parts, labour lines, fees etc to the Kit until the contents of the Kit is complete.

User-added image
  1. Once the Kit contents is complete - review the pricing / quantity /  indicate if the line items are fixed (if they are fixed, the price cannot be changed etc).
  2. Result - When this Kit is added to a Customer Order, all items listed in the Kit Content will automatically populate onto the Customer Order.