This article will go through the Peripherals that are supported for use with Blackpurl

Laser Printers 

  • For printing Customer Invoices / Service Job Worksheets / Deposit Receipts on A4 paper etc

  • Just as long as your Laser Printer is installed on your device, then it should work in Blackpurl - the plug and play concept

  • Blackpurl is setup for plug and play devices or wireless connectivity etc

 Receipt Printers

  • For printing receipts only ie Deposit Receipts or Customer Order Receipts

  • We support Epson TM T88V (238) - monochrome thermal line (no ribbon)

  • In theory for Receipt Printers. just as long as it is installed on your device, then it should work in Blackpurl

 POS Barcode Scanners 

  • For the scanning of part barcodes onto the Blackpurl 

  • We support Symbol LS2208-SR200007R-NA (USB) and Motorola L14278-TRBU0100ZWR (USB and wireless)

  • In theory for Barcode Scanners, just as long as it is installed on your device, then it should work in Blackpurl

Keep in mind that there are a lot of Barcode Scanners out there and we have not tested all devices so we cannot guarantee and/or recommend other Barcode Scanners

Also keep in mind that we have not tested any devices that are Ipad compatible with Blackpurl

  • Downloaded scanner apps will not work in Blackpurl as there is no correlation between the app and Blackpurl 

 Barcode Label Printers 

Dymo Barcode Printers 

We support the following Dymo Barcode Printers:

  • Dymo LabelWriter 450 (we understand that this printer model has been made obsolete)
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo
  • Dymo LabelWriter 4XL

Please note that you will be responsible for installing the printer onto your computer/s 

You will also need to download the relevant Dymo software which will allow Blackpurl be able to print to your Dymo

This is the relevant article to read further on what software you need to download as it depends on Windows vs MAC OS and what printer you have - Dymo Software Required

Label sizes recommendations:

  • Large labels 89mm X 36mm / 3.5'' X 1.40"

This size will accommodate two description lines 

  • Small labels 89mm X 28mm / 3.5'' X 1.125"

This size will accommodate one description line 

We are also aware that Dymo have introduced a restriction that users cannot buy generic labels.  Please keep this in mind when you are selecting what printer you are going to purchase 

Zebra Label Printers

We support the following Zebra Label Printer:

  • ZD410 Label Printer (203dpi)
  • ZD411 Label Printer (203dpi) 
  • ZQ610 Label Printer (203dpi) 

The above printers MUST BE 203dpi and not 300dpi

We believe that there is no indication on the box but you need to ensure that you are buying the 203dpi units

Please note that you will be responsible for:

  • installing the printer onto the relevant computer/s 

  • finalizing the setup using one of these articles as a guide (depending on if you are installing the Zebra printer on a Windows Computer or MacOS):

Zebra Label Printer - Set Up (Windows)

Zebra Label Printer - Set Up (MacOS)

Label size recommendation

  • 50mm x 28mm Perforated Direct Thermal Labels  / 2" x 1" Perforated Direct Thermal Labels