This article will explain how to receive a Payment of Account in Blackpurl for invoices that are showing as outstanding in your accounting package


  • Blackpurl accounting integration must be setup / enabled / active

  • The outstanding invoices and / or credit notes must already be listing under the relevant Customer in your accounting package and have been generated by Blackpurl

  • An outstanding Invoice was manually created in your accounting package and is outstanding 

  • For users to be able to process Payment of Account, they must have the relevant user permission in Blackpurl:

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Charge on Account Invoices 

This feature is for Dealerships that have accounting integration and run Accounts Receivable / Debtor customer accounts with credit limits in your accounting package

Blackpurl Customer Order Invoices that have not been paid for, move to your accounting package as outstanding when the Payment Method - Charge on Account is used in Checkout in Blackpurl.  The outstanding invoice then moves to your accounting package under the Customer Record in Accounts Receivable 

The Dealership may also have Invoices that have been manually created in your accounting package as outstanding as well for that customer as well

This feature will allow the Dealership to receipt Payment of Accounts (held as outstanding in your accounting package) within Blackpurl and will be beneficial for Dealerships because:

  • Some of your Customers may require to pay their debtor accounts over the counter by cash or card

  • Your staff will no longer require access to the accounting package in order to receipt payment of debtor accounts

  • It will also mean that the Dealership can balance out the End of Day Customer Payments and Cash Reconciliation for all credit card/cash funds etc going through the Cash Drawers

How to Receipt Payment of Account through Blackpurl


The Customer: Harry Smith has come into the Service Department and wishes to pay $150.00 in cash towards his outstanding debtor account

Remember that your Service Department do not have access to your accounting package so they will need to use the Payment of Account functionality within Blackpurl to pay for Charge on Account Invoices sitting in your Accounting Package 

  • In Blackpurl - navigate to Harry Smith's Customer Record

  • On the Customer Record scroll down to the - E   A/R Activity section

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  • In the A/R Activity section > click on User-added image

Blackpurl will now retrieve details of any Accounts Receivable outstanding invoices and/or credit notes from the accounting package for this Customer and list accordingly

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  • Once the outstanding invoices / credit notes list from the accounting package, we can allocate the $150 cash our Customer: Harry Smith wishes to pay towards the outstanding amount:

  • The user will select which Invoices (or credit notes) Harry wishes to pay by checking the relevant check boxes next to the relevant outstanding invoices

  • If the Customer is only part paying the invoice, the user will need to type in the amount that the Customer is paying in the Amount Paid column

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  • Once the Total equals how much the Customer is paying, click on User-added image for the Choose a payment method window to pop up:

Select the relevant payment method - Harry is paying by cash > then click on User-added image

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Please note that the option of Payment Method: Direct Deposit will not be available

As the debt is already in your accounting package and you have received the Direct Deposit in your bank feed or showing on your bank statement etc, then just process the payment in your accounting package by allocating the payment straight off the unpaid invoice

  • The user will be asked to confirm the payment on the Please confirm payment details window that pops up

  • Read the details and if correct, confirm by clicking on User-added image

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  • Once the transaction has been accepted by Blackpurl, the system will automatically generate a Payment Receipt on a separate window

The Payment Receipt will show which Invoices were paid as well as list any unpaid invoices and / or unapplied credits that are still sitting in your accounting package under that Customer

The user can either print the Payment Receipt or just close the window without printing

***However please remember that this will be the only option or time you can print the Payment Receipt as you cannot go back at a later date to print or reprint again

An example of a Payment Receipt window:

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** Note that the receipt is not yet setup to print to a receipt printer

  • Once the Payment Receipt window is closed, it will return the user to the Customer Record screen

Even though the Blackpurl Invoices you selected are now paid and showing as paid within your Accounting Package, the relevant Invoices within Blackpurl will still always show as Charge on Account

Remember that Accounting Integration is only one way - Blackpurl to your Accounting Package

This means that if you reprint / email one of these invoices from Blackpurl it will still show as Charge on Account with an outstanding balance 

All Account Receivable chasing for outstanding amounts should be done within your Accounting Package

Other Information:



  • The payment that was just received will now list under the Customer Payments for the relevant Cash Drawer and under the Order Number column it will just indicate Paid on account

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Cash Reconciliation

  • The Paid on account payments will list under the relevant Cash Drawer

  •  When listing the transactions, it will not indicate an Order number but Paid on Account

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Account Integration

  • The payment will integrate to the accounting package and the payment details will list under the relevant Customer and against the relevant Invoices 

  • The integration journal will be similar to

Debit - Undeposited funds (which General Ledger will depend on the payment method used by the Customer to pay the invoices)

Credit - against Accounts Receivable - the relevant customer and invoice/s that have been paid