This article will go through how to create a new Part Record in Blackpurl

New Part Records are generally created when you upload a Vendor Price File but there may be times that you need to manually add a new Part Record 

Please note that the Vendor must already exist in Blackpurl

If the Vendor does not exist in Blackpurl then you will need to add the new Vendor first

This article will assist - How to Create / Add a New Vendor

How to Add a New Part 

  1. From the Blackpurl Header Click on User-added image > User-added image

User-added image

  1. Complete the relevant details on the New Merchandise window (just work your way slowly down the fields) and then click on User-added image
User-added image

A.  If you are creating a new part from a new Vendor, you will need to create the Vendor first
Review our article - How to Create / Add a New Vendor

B.  For Part Type - if the Vendor for this part has been setup for Products and Services - Part Purchases
and Merchandise Purchases such as this Vendor:

User-added image

then on the Parts record - you will be required to select a Part Type:

User-added image

For further information on Products & Services - please review our article - How to Setup Vendor Products and Services

This is the non-inventory part indicator. If you indicate that the part is a non-Inventory part, then you are 
basically telling Blackpurl that you do not want to keep track of quantities or average costs etc.  

If you add the non-inventory part to a Customer Order, it will automatically tell you it is in stock as it does not go through any Special Order VO/VR/VI process etc

Quantity in Stock - when you first create a new part, you can enter in the Stock on Hand in this section

**Please note that if you do enter a quantity as Stock on Hand at this point, it will NOT create a stock adjustment journal over to our accounting package.

If you don't enter in a Quantity at this point, you will need to do a Part Stock Adjustment at a later date. 
Please review our article - How to Complete a Part Stock Adjustment