This new feature will allow the Invoicing of the Unit Deal but will leave the relevant Deal Service or Deal Merchandise section open to allow for the unfulfilled options (parts) to be finalise at a later date.


  • The Dealership has a Customer Order Unit Deal in Blackpurl
  • The Customer agrees to purchase the unit which includes some unit deal options (parts) that need to be special ordered.
  • When the unit deal options are committed, they can be committed on a Deal Service or Deal Merchandise section.
  • Due to the lead time the parts may take up to two months to arrive.
  • But the Customer wants to pay for and take delivery of the unit today.
  • Dealership wants to invoice the Unit Deal section to the Customer and receipt their payment etc.
  • Once the unit deal options (parts) finally arrive - the Dealership will need to finalise the Deal Service section or Deal Merchandise section (depending on where the unit deal options are listing).

Prerequisite for Accounting Integration only: 

For this feature to work, the Dealership will need to:

  • Create a new Deal Option Clearing General Ledger Chart of Account (GL) in their Accounting Package.
The new GL will need to be a Current Liability Account and we would recommend calling the GL - Deal Option Clearing.

This will allow Blackpurl to record invoiced deal options which have yet to be fulfilled.

TIP:  Remember that this will be a clearing account - so once the options are fulfilled and finalised, the GL should go
back to zero. We would suggest that you add this GL to your list of GLs that need reviewing at the end of
  • In Blackpurl - once the new GL has been created in the Accounting Package, you will need to navigate to Accounting Integration > Chart of Accounts and resync the Chart of Accounts so that the new GL is now available for selection.  


User-added image
  • Once the Chart of Account has been resynced > navigate to the Control Accounts and select the new GL in the new Deal Option Clearing field and then click on User-added image


User-added image

  • Click through all the Accounting Integration sections to finalise the change


  1. Navigate to the Customer Order Unit Deal that needs to be Invoiced.
In our example the Dealership notices that there are unfulfilled options on a Deal Service section but they wants to Invoice the Unit Deal anyway.

The Dealership would need to finalise all other aspects of the Unit Deal ie Trade In section / Finance etc and then change the status of the Unit Deal section to User-added image

User-added image
  1. Dealership would click  User-added image.
In Checkout - the User will need to tick the DEAL - APPROVED checkbox and then finalise checkout as normal. 

Please ensure that you take note of the RED message before finalising the checkout.

User-added image

  1. Result in Blackpurl:
  • The Unit Deal section status is now INVOICED
  • The Customer Order is still OPEN to allow the uninvoiced Deal Service or Deal Merchandise section to be finalised at a later date ie when the deal options (parts) are received.
  • The Customer Order will now have a section called INVOICE HISTORY which will list the Unit Deal Invoice.
User-added image

  1. The following Restrictions are now in play on the uninvoiced Deal Service or Deal Merchandise section:
  • Additional Line items can no longer be added
  • For existing Line items - they can not be deleted or moved or edited
  1. For the Dealerships that have Accounting Integration, the result in the Accounting Package will be:
  • A journal entry for the unfulfilled options to the Deal Option Clearing GL.


  1. Once all the Unit Deal Options are now fulfilled ie all parts have now been received, the Dealership can finalise the relevant:
  • Deal Service section as normal and once the User-added imageit will finalise close down the section.
  • Deal Merchandise section is a little bit different to normal.
Dealership would be required to click on User-added imageand will be required to confirm

User-added image
  1. Result in Blackpurl:
  • Unit Deal section - Status of Options is now Fulfilled
  • Deal Service section or Deal Merchandise section - Status is Invoiced
  • An additional Invoice has been generated for the Deal Service section or Deal Merchandise section
  • If there are no other sections still open, the Customer Order will be closed

User-added image
  1. For the Dealerships with Accounting Integration, the result in the Accounting Package:
  • There will be a journal entry for the fulfilled options to the Deal Option Clearing GL.
  • This entry will clear out the Dealer Option Clearing GL for this Unit Deal