This article will provide step by step instructions on how to create or add a new Labor (Labour) code as well as edit an existing Labor (Labour) code as required 

How to Add / Create a New Labor (Labour) Code

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > click User-added image User-added image

User-added image

  1. The New Labor window will generate for you to take your time and fill out the relevant fields

Code Give the New Labour / Labor Code a simply code to be able to search for when adding it to a Customer Order Service Job
DescriptionGive a name to the Labour / Labor Code
This description will show on the Customer Order when adding the Labour / Labor Code
Hours Do you want it to default to a specific number of hours
Fixed rate Is it to be fixed?
If the checkbox is checked as fixed, the price will be whatever is indicated on the Labour code 
If the checkbox is not checked as fixed, then the price will come from the Price Level that is attached to the Customer when you add this Labour code to a Customer Order
RateWhat is the hourly rate 
Calculate Supplies If you would like to calculate Shop Supplies on this Labour / Labor Code, please indicate
For further information on the Calculate Supplies option, please review our article - How to Charge Shop Supplies on a Customer Order
CategoryWhat category do you want it to follow
Forms Tag Does it have a Tag that is required for Forms
Taxable Is it taxable?  If so you will be asked to indicate what tax

Once you have completed the relevant fields, don't forget to click on

How to Edit an Existing Labor (Labour) Code

  • Navigate to the Labor (Labour) Code Record that you want / need to edit 

You can do this by searching for the Labor (Labour) Code in the Global Search or through Reporting

These articles will assist if needed:

Blackpurl Global Search

Reporting - Labor

  • Once you have navigated to the relevant Labor (Labour) Code Record > click on 

  • On the Edit Labor screen > simply change the required field and then click on 

Please note that any changes made will only be from that point onwards