Blackpurl now offers the ability for Customers to approve Service Jobs verbally / printing out the job worksheet or by digital signature - this article will walk you through how this is done

How to get your Customers to approve a Service Job - verbally / printed or digitally

  1. Navigate to the Service Job that you need your customer's approval on
  2. From the Job Actions section > click on User-added image

User-added image

  1. The Service Worksheet will load on another tab for you to seek the Customer's approval

  1. Scroll to the bottom section of the Service Worksheet page to see the Customer Approval section

User-added image

To Select method of approval, click on the User-added imageto list the approval types

User-added image

The method of approval include:

  • If you select verbal, Blackpurl will record the date and time and method of approval "Verbal" in the Customer Approval section of the Service Job
User-added image
  • If you select print, Blackpurl will load the Service Worksheet ready for printing

  • Once printed you would get the customer to manually sign the approval

  • Blackpurl will then record the date and time and method of approval "Print" in the Customer Approval section of the Service Job
User-added image

  • The dealership will need to retain the signed off Service Worksheet.

  • If you select Sign, Blackpurl will load the signing area for the customer to sign directly onto the table or smart phone - the customer can also sign using a mouse

User-added image

  • Once you have saved their signed approval, Blackpurl will then record the date and time and method of approval "Sign" in the Customer Approval section of the Service Job

User-added image
  1. Once the Select method of approval  has been selected and completed > click User-added image to record it in Blackpurl

To ensure that the pop up screens pop up, make sure that you have your pop up blocked not turned on

Remember that Ipads / MACs can also have pop up blockers in play

Other Information

If the customer declines to do the work, you can list the work in the Concern section and mark as declined - that way you can record that you told them about the work required but they declined

Then just delete the relevant line items or close out the Service Job or change to quote - the action required would depend on what work has been done on the Service Job