On every Part record, there is a section called Related > Alternate Parts:

User-added image

This section will allow you to setup "relationships" between parts.  Relationships can be: 

  • Replaced by
This would indicate that a part has been replaced by another part - also known as superseded.
For example Part# ABC has had a Replaced By Part# DEF as the Vendor is no longer making Part# ABC

  • Replaces
Using the example above - on Part# DEF it will indicate that it Replaces Part# ABC 

  • Alternate 
A different part can be listed as an alternate part.
For example Part# JKL - Oil Filter A is an oil filter used for services but an alternate is that Part# GHI - Oil Filter B could also be used.

How to setup a parts relationship:

  1. Navigate to the Part record > Alternate Parts section then click on User-added image 

User-added image

The User-added image will take you to the Search to Add Related field for you to search for the related part.

Search for the related part and click to add it to the Alternate Parts section

User-added image
  1. Time to indicate what the relationship Part# DEF has with Part# ABC
In the Relation field, use the drop down User-added image to make your selection:
  • Alternate
  • Replaced By 
  • Replaces


  • When you add parts to a Customer Order that have alternate relationships, these relationships will show up by clicking on

  • The Related Part Selection will load for you to review

  • If you search for and select a part that has been superseded and there is no stock on hand for that part, it will automatically load the Related Part Section to advise that you have selected a superseded part and will automatically check the replacement part

  • There will also be a notification if you add a Part to a Customer Order that has been superseded.  This is to let the user know that the part has been superseded and what part it has been superseded to.  It would be up to the user to action any change

**This same notification will show up on CO/VO/VR for the user to action (if required)