It may become necessary for a Dealership to process a Customer Order Unit Deal for an on-ordered unit.

This will allow the dealership to order parts and schedule service jobs etc prior to the unit actually arriving at the Dealership.

This would be a common occurrence if the Unit was "on the water" (ie travelling from USA to Australia) or the Dealership is swapping units with another dealership.

It will basically allow the Dealership to get parts ordered and on route so that they can arrive at the same time as the Unit.

How to process:

  1. The dealership will need to create a Unit Order
From the Blackpurl Header > Order > Unit Order

  1. Roll your mouse over the relevant Vendor and click to open. 

    3. Click on

     4. Complete the relevant fields and then click on 

depending on how many units you need to order.

TIP:  If you want to know profitability on the Customer Order, make sure you add in Base Unit Price and Cost, etc.  This is also a good time to add your correct Category.

        5. Once the Unit Order has been created - the user will be able to search for the on ordered unit and add it to a Customer Order Unit Deal.

Note: The status of the Unit when doing a Search for a stock unit - will indicates that it is an Order Unit.


        6. When selecting the On Order unit, it will clearly indicate on the Unit Deal. 

        7. Process the Unit Deal as normal - this will allow the user to order parts etc

PLEASE NOTE that Blackpurl will not allow the Dealership to finalize a Unit Deal for an On Order unit.

What happens when the On Order Unit turns up at the Dealership?

  1. The user processing the Received Unit paperwork into Blackpurl will need to check in the Unit Orders section to see if there is already an Active Order in play and if so, receive the unit against the relevant Order:

  1. Once the Unit has been Received, the status of the unit on the Unit Deal will change to Reserved: