This article will show how Dealerships can list a Co-Buyer on Unit Deal - it could be for just the Unit Deal or as part of the Deal Financing 

Customer Order > Unit Deal - Co-Buyer

In some instances, Dealerships may be required to have a Co-Buyer listed on a Unit Deal and / or Deal Financing 

For our example -  Clint Pricey is purchasing a Unit with finance but the finance company requires that Frank Smith be listed as a Co-Buyer on the Unit Deal 

The Dealership would create the Unit Deal in Clint Pricey's name and process as normal ie add the unit / add the proposed options / trade in etc 

Then in the Unit Deal Summary section > click on

Using our example we clicked on then Search for a co-buyer customer and select / add Frank Smith 

Note: The Co-Buyer must exist in Blackpurl as a Customer 

Once you have search for and added the co-buyer customer, the Co-Buyer information will then generate in the Unit Deal Summary section 

The Co-Buyer will then show on the relevant Unit Deal Documents.  This is an example of the Bill of Sale: