This article will explain the Notes section on a Vendor Order (VO)

The VO Notes section was introduced as a free text section so that the Dealership can make any notes or comments regarding the VO

Printing VO - These Notes will also print on the VO if the Dealership elects to print out the VO 

Exporting VO - These Notes will not be included in any export file but it will be a great section for the dealership to type their own internal notes 

The only time the Notes section will be locked down is when the VO has been fully received  

Once the VO has been fully received, the Notes section is no longer editable and the last item / comment will remain locked 

Vendor Order > Notes section


  • On the VO screen, there is a section called Notes

  • This is an open text section where users have the ability to type Notes

  • Please remember that if you print the VO, anything typed in this Notes section will also print on the VO