Blackpurl has introduced a Notes section on a Vendor Order (VO).  This will allow users to type in notes that will appear on a printed VO.

For VO that are not printed but are exported instead - this will be a great section for the dealership to type their own notes as the Notes section will not be included in the exported file.   

  1. On the VO screen, there is a new section called Notes.  This is an open text section where users have the ability to type notes.
  1. Please remember that if you print the VO, anything typed in this Notes section will also print on the VO

  1. If you create an VO export file for some Vendors - then Vendor will not see this Notes section.  This section could then be used for dealership notes instead.
For example, the dealership exports VO to Vendor: XYZ but the dealership needs to record somewhere on the VO (just for their own records) that this VO is for the fixing of the recall issue on certain units.
In the Notes section - the dealership could leave their own note ie VO is for recall issue of XYZ for Unit with VIN 5988089898.