Users with the correct permission, do have the ability to disconnect QuickBooks from Blackpurl.

In System Settings > Accounting Integration, if a User, clicks on User-added image it will disconnect the link that has been established between Blackpurl and QuickBooks.

User-added image

This will mean that no accounting integration will occur and that no transactions from Blackpurl will be sent over to QuickBooks.

To allow account integration to occur again, the link between Blackpurl and QuickBooks will need to re-established.

To re-establish the link, please review our article - How to Setup Accounting Integration or contact our Blackpurl Support Team by emailing support@blackpurl.com if you need assistance.

Once the link has been re-established, all transactions previously not synced should automatically integrate.

Please note: 
Our Blackpurl Support Team do get notified if there are any accounting sync failures - including any sync failures due to disconnection.  Once the link has been re-establish, checks are always made to ensure that all transactions integrate to QuickBooks.