This article will go through additional information regarding Third Part Service Jobs (Warranty / Insurance etc)

Ability to Switch Service Job Types

The user has the ability to change the Who is paying for the job? on any active Customer Order Service Job

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  • This allows a Customer Pay Service Job to be able to switch to a Third Party Service Job (ie Warranty) as required

For example when the customer books the unit in, the dealership may not be aware that it  will end up being a warranty job - Dealership has the ability to switch the Service Job to a Third Party pay situation

  • Changing the job type will automatically realign all line item pricing to suit the new job type and Third Party payer

User Friendly Changes

  • Service job line item changesOnce the claim status has been set to Submitted, the user can continue to make additions, deletions and changes to the Service Job line items 


These changes will be reflected in the Claims Response Wizard

For example we submitted the above claim and then added an additional line for a replacement Muffler

The additional line will now show up in the Claims Response Wizard


If any Service Job line items had a variances in the Claim Response, a new indicator has been introduced on the right of the line item total

At a glance dealership can see that a variance has been recorded against that line item

For our example below there was a variance in the price of the Muffler from $500 to $455

Note the indicator next to the line item just to let you know that it was changed during Claim Response


  • Service Job - Section Header Claim Status

The section header Claim: status icon is now actionable through the Submitted and Approved statuses


When in Unsubmitted status - selecting the icon will action the Claim Submission Wizard

When Submitted status - selecting the icon will action the Claim Response Wizard

When Approved status - selecting the icon will reopen the Claim Response Wizard in either an editable or read-only mode depending on the status of the Service Job

  • Claim Job Action

A new job action is available on Third Party Service Jobs which will allow the user to action / view the claim

The name of the action is directly related to the status of the claim

In our example below the status of the claim is Approved so the job action available is View Claim


  • Claim Response Wizard

Approval dates can now be backdated

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  • User can modify both the CLAIMED values and APPROVED values

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Any variances billed to the customer will now create a new Customer Pay Service Job on the same Customer Order

A warning has been introduced when finalizing the claim to remind the user of the restrictions imposed on the Service Job by this action

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Deductible is taxable 

In some countries the Deductibles (insurance excesses) is taxable

If that is the case in your location, go to System Settings > Settings & Controls - Tax Settings - Default tax on claim deductibles and indicate the relevant tax 

When charging out the deductible to your customer, it will now be taxable 

For additional information, please review our article - Service Job - Understanding the options for "Who is paying for the job" (ie Third Party - Insurance & Warranty Claims)