A customer has purchased a unit off you so you are now offering them a VIP Price rate for all work and purchase of parts etc so you will need to indicate on the Customer Record that they are entitled to the discounted VIP Price rate.


Set up the Price Level in System Setting.  The link to this article will assist you on how to do this - How to Create or Amend Price Levels

How to Change the Price Level on a Customer Records to a New Price Level:

  • Navigate to the relevant Customer Record and review the current Price Level
  • If you need to change it click on EDIT 

  • Then on the EDIT screen, scroll down to Price Level and click into the field

  • It will list your other Price Level options for you to make your selection and then click on SAVE 

  • The Price Level will now change on the Customer Record

  • Going forward next time you create a new Customer Order for Parts & Accessories or Service Job, it will automatically bring over the new Pricing Level
  • For any Customer Orders that are open in the system, if you want them to have the new Price Level, then you will need to click on Recalculate all Pricing for the new Price Level to engage