There are different scenarios on how to deal with the Warranty of Parts and/or Merchandise but all warranty claims must be done through Customer Order > Service Job. 

Scenario A: 

Customer purchased a part and it is faulty so the dealership is going to do a clean swap of the part (Dealership has one in stock) with no paperwork to the Customer.

In this instance the Dealership will not do a Customer Return as they do not need to keep track of serial numbers etc, all they need to do is a create a Service Job for a Third Party Pay to the Provider / Warranty Company

  • Then add the relevant part as a line item:

  • Then finalise the CO through the normal warranty process ie Claim Submitted / Claim Resolved etc

Scenario B: 

Customer purchased a part and it is faulty or the Customer changed their mind.

To keep the paperwork in order the Dealership would need to do two actions

  • Action 1 - Create a Customer Return with first line item as a negative to get the item back in stock and then a second line item for the replacement part.  We would suggest this is done totally separate from the Service Job to the Warranty Company
  • Action 2 - Create a Customer Order > Service Job for a Third Party to the Provider / Warranty Company.