Currently only available and setup at our Pilot Dealership

Once it has been tested and cleared QA, it will be available for release to other Blackpurl Dealerships

Blackpurl and Shopify can be integrated.  It integrates in the following way:

  • Part availability syncing from Blackpurl to Shopify

This means that the stock availability on the relevant Part Records in Blackpurl can be seen in Shopify

  • Shopify Invoices will be sent to Blackpurl on a regular basis and automatically create Blackpurl Customer Orders > Parts and Accessories sales

This means that Blackpurl will create the necessary Part and Accessories section on new Customer Order for the items as per the Shopify Invoice

How does the Integration work

Part Record Information

  • Each Blackpurl Part Record has a Publish in Feeds indicator and when this flag is enabled, the part record details will be sent to Shopify to create a new product or update an existing product
  • It will be up to the dealership to control the Publish in Feeds indicator on their Part Records
  • For example if they do not want certain parts to be available in Shopify, then the dealership would ensure that the flag on each of those Part Records in Blackpurl is not enabled   
  • To change the Publish in Feeds > navigate to the relevant Part Record > EDIT and then change the checkbox 
  • The status of the checkbox will show on the front screen on the Part Record

  • When syncing Blackpurl and Shopify for the first time, the following information from the relevant Part Records is sent through to Shopify:
    • Part Number
    • Description
    • Vendor
    • Quantity Available
    • Retail Price
    • Sale Price
    • SKU

  • Any changes to the Available Quantity, Price and/or the 'Publish in Feeds' will cause Blackpurl to resync the updated information about the relevant parts to Shopify

Creating Customer Orders in Blackpurl from Shopify Invoices

  • A schedule job will run to 'contact' Shopify every 10 minutes looking for new Shopify Invoices 
  • When a new Shopify Invoice is found, Blackpurl will attempt to mirror the contents of the Shopify Invoice as follows:
    • A new Customer Order > Parts and Accessories will be created for the Customer
    • If the Shopify Customer does not exist in Blackpurl, then a new Customer Record is created in Blackpurl from the information given by Shopify
    • Details of the Shopify ID is retained on the Customer Order > Parts and Accessories to provide the user with a quick hyperlink between the Blackpurl Customer Order and the Shopify Invoice

Simply click on the hyperlink if you want to see the relevant Shopify Invoice

  • For each line item on the Shopify Invoice, Blackpurl will create a line item on the Customer Order
  • Each line item is added to the Customer Order > Parts and Accessories section using the quantity and price as per the Shopify Invoice
  • If the product on the Shopify Invoice does not exist as a Part Record in Blackpurl, a default FEE code is used instead and it will be up to the user to change the FEE line item to the relevant part number (if required)
  • The total amount paid from Shopify invoice is added to the Customer Order as a Deposit

  • Internal Comments will list the total amount / relevant taxes and any notes from Shopify

  • The end result will be:
    • an open Customer Order > Parts and Accessories is created which will mirror the contents of the Shopify Invoice
    • a deposit equal to the amount paid on the Shopify Invoice will show in the Deposit section of the Blackpurl Customer Order
    • available Inventory is committed to that Customer Order 
    • which in turn will immediately update Shopify to resync those parts to ensure that Shopify record is up to date with the new available quantities

Setup Required

Blackpurl Support

  • Your Blackpurl will need to setup the integration with Shopify
  • Please contact Blackpurl Support with a request to setup your Blackpurl/Shopify integration and please ensure that you provide your Shopify Administration credentials ie username and password
  • Once the integration is setup, Blackpurl will do the initial syncing of all Part Records that have the Publish in Feeds flag enable through to Shopify


  • A new section related specifically to Shopify is available in System Settings > Settings & Controls - Shopify Settings

  • The dealership will need to indicate:
    • the Shopify Transaction Type they want to use for each and every Shopify transaction
      You may wish to setup a specific Transaction Type for Shopify - this is the relevant link on how to setup new Blackpurl Transaction Types
    • the Shopify Payment Method they want to use for each and every Shopify transaction
    • the FEE they want to use for unidentified products

You may want to setup a specific FEE for Shopify - this is the relevant link on how to setup a new FEE How to Create a New Fee

Other Important Information about Integration 

  • The integration will not maintain or manage images or detailed descriptions for Shopify products synced from Blackpurl
  • The integration will not provide any kind of update to Shopify for any changes or activities completed on the relevant Blackpurl Customer Order.  For example if you swap out a part in Blackpurl, Shopify will not be notified or updated with the new part details