This article will show you how to process a Vendor Invoice (VI) for freight only or for a restocking fee as part of a Vendor Return 

You have received a Vendor Invoice for Freight / Handling / Shipping separate to the Vendor Invoice that you received for the parts you have purchased OR you have received a Vendor Restocking fee as part of a Vendor Return

This is how to process these types of Vendor Invoice in Blackpurl:

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Click User-added image  > User-added image


User-added image

  1. The Select a Vendor window will allow you to search for the relevant Vendor:
User-added image
As you type your search keyword, the system will start listing the search results that match.
In our example we are looking for the Vendor The Widget Factory, we type in Widget as the keyword > click on your Vendor name to select

If it is a new Vendor, click on  and follow the prompts

User-added image

After selecting your Vendor, the system will automatically open the Vendor Invoicing screen and add the Vendor's details to it

  1. Type in the relevant Invoice and the Invoice Date (these are required fields)

User-added image

4.  Add a freight FEE or a rounding FEE or restocking FEE to the Other Charges section of the Invoice

The FEE will need to be already created and available to use in your Blackpurl

Once the FEE is available in Blackpurl, to add it to the Vendor Invoice, scroll to User-added imagesection and click on User-added image

  • This will take you to the Search to add section for you to search for and select the relevant FEE

  • Once the user has added the relevant FEE to the Other Charges section, the user will need to change the information and Cost to suit.  *Cost entered is Tax or GST excluded. Tax or GST added as required to final amount

  • Blackpurl does give the user the ability to do both a positive and negative amount


User-added image

Remember that - the amount of the Blackpurl Vendor Invoice must equal the amount of the hard copy of the Vendor Invoice that you are processing.

Once you are happy with the Vendor Invoice processing, click on User-added image