This article will explain how to download the Dymo Connect software which will allow the printing of barcode labels from Blackpurl to the following printers:

  • Dymo LabelWriter 450
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo
  • Dymo LabelWriter 4XL

Please note that if you previously installed the Dymo Webservice on your computer, you will need to uninstall this software before you can download the Dymo Connect software

How to download the Dymo Connect software

  • This is the  link to the Dymo download website page - Dymo Downloads

  • In The Latest Software & Drivers for all LabelWriters and LabelManager section > click on  to drop down your options

  • From the options > select the relevant ie Mac or Windows version

  • The software will download and you will need to run the software so that the Dymo Connect installs onto your computer

To assist with the install, Dymo provides you with an Install Wizard so just follow the prompts through

  • You will know that it is installed, when you have this icon in your taskbar

  • Keep in mind that this software must be running for Blackpurl to be able to print barcodes to your printer

  • Last job but a very important one - please contact Blackpurl Support and let them know that you have installed your label printer and Dymo Connect

Blackpurl Support will make a back end change to your settings so that Blackpurl will know you are using Dymo Connect