What's new?

Customer Owned Unit Selector

We have improved how users can select a Customer Owned Unit (COU) for Service Jobs or Trade In etc

Previously the user could only select by scrolling through the drop down list of all the COUs for that Customer and if the Customer had quite a few COUs then it was quite slow to find the correct unit

Now the user can search for a specific unit using various values such as VIN / color of unit / plate number etc

In the Please select section, type in the value you want to search by and the results will then match your value 

Deal Documents for Trade in Only Customer Orders

The labelling on the Deal documents (Bill of Sale and Offer to Purchase) for trade-in only Customer Orders have been updated to show the customer information as “SELLER”  and not “SOLD TO”

For example:

What's Improved? 

  • Correction - BRP Parts ordering API update to resolve issues with shipping method

  • Resolved - an issue where taxes were still being calculated on some third-party jobs even after changing the vendor settings and recalculating the CO (specific Dealership only)

  • Resolved - an issue which allowed the user to finalize a VR or VI twice using two browser tabs at the same time

  • Resolved - an occasional issue encountered when submitting inventory files to SOM

  • Resolved - an issue encountered in accounting integration setup where it would not show GL account numbers if the integration to QB/Xero is turned off

  • Released - Mapped forms for specific Dealerships.  The relevant Dealerships will be notified directly