This article will cover off tax exemptions on Shopify sales

When a sale integrates to Blackpurl from Shopify, the internal notes section will tell the user what taxes need to be charged to the customer, based on their address and the total of what the invoice should be

Shopify collects the correct tax for the customer's address due to its integration with Avalara

The dealership has to then change the tax rate applied to the Customer Record in Blackpurl so the total of the Customer Order > Parts and Accessories and Shopify order match

It is up to the dealership to change the Account Type of the Customer to make sure that they are exempt from the correct taxes and charged the correct taxes. 

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that the relevant tax rates and codes for Shopify have been added to Blackpurl

For our example, we will create tax rates and an Account Type for customers from Walla Walla, Washington

To do this, go to System Settings -> Tax Management -> Add new rate and Add a new tax code

Tax Rates 

Tax Codes

Once the relevant tax rates / tax codes have been created, you can now create the Account Type 

Go to System Settings -> Settings & Controls -> Account Types -> Add Account Type 

When creating an Account Type, you need to select all of the tax rates that the customers will be exempt from

For our example - you will select all of the tax rates except for Walla Walla County Tax and Washington State Tax

By doing this, the customer will only be charged the Walla Walla County Tax and Washington State Tax. 

After creating the Account Type, the next thing to do is to assign it to the relevant customer. 

Navigate to the relevant Customer Record, click on Edit, and under Account Type, select the Account Type that you created, then Save. 

Once done, you can start processing the order for the customer with the correct tax rates

Please note that if a Customer Order already exists for the Shopify order before the correct Account Type was assigned, you will have to click on Recalculate All Pricing on the CO for the price to update