This article will show the user how to edit an On Order Unit 

The scenarios could include - Dealership has already processed an On Order Unit under a specific vendor but that Vendor can no longer supply the unit OR the Dealership just processed the On Order Unit under the wrong vendor OR the price is incorrect OR tax is incorrect etc

Change / Edit an On Order Unit

  • Navigate to the relevant On Order Unit that the Dealership needs to edit

For example we have an On Order Unit under the Vendor: Cash Paid Unit but the Vendor should be Smith & Co

We would click into the Cash Paid Unit tile to have it list all the Units on Order under that Vendor

Locate and click on the Unit on Order that has the wrong Vendor

  • Then click  - this will open up the Unit Order for you to make your changes

  • In our example we need to change the Vendor by searching for the correct one 

Whatever your change - don't forget to