This article will cover off how to create / add a new stock unit without having to process a Unit Vendor Order / Vendor Receiving

The normal process is to process a Unit Vendor Order / Vendor Receiving to stock units - these links will take to the relevant articles on this process:

However if you decide on Add a new Stock Unit by this functionality then you will need to take notice of the warning - see article below 

Add a New Stock Unit 

From the Blackpurl Header click on > then click on

The Add Stock Unit window will pop along with a Warning window which you will need to acknowledge by reading and then clicking

It will confirm which accounting integration you use ie QuickBooks or Xero and that you understand that by using this functionality it will sent a journal to your accounting package Debit - Inventory / Credit your Stock Adjustment General Ledger

Once you have read and clicked  over the warning, just start from the top of the Add Stock Unit window and add the details of the Stock Unit

Once you have finished, don't forget to click on


  • The unit will be added as a stock unit into Blackpurl 

  • A journal entry will be processed to your accounting package 

Debit - Unit Inventory General Ledger 

Credit - Stock Adjustment General Ledger 

We would suggest that if you are going to add in stocked unit through this method, that you bring it to the attention of your accountant / bookkeeper

This is for them to ensure that you are not duplicating inventory entries in your accounting package