Most Blackpurl users do not have access to the Dealership's Accounting Package to know if certain Customers owe money to the Dealership 

But users should know if there is any monies due to the Dealership as outstanding invoices / debtor balances / charge on account invoices that are sitting as outstanding Accounts Receivable in the Accounting Package  

This article will go through and show the user where this information is coming from and is available to be seen in Blackpurl 

Where will this AR Balance come from

Using Xero has an example, you can see that our example below that Alex Jones owes the Dealership $308.50

It is sitting as outstanding on the relevant Customer Record in Xero 

But as most of the Dealership's staff do not have access to the Accounting Package, the staff would not know this information

As such we have introduced to Blackpurl a way for the outstanding Accounts Receivable / AR Balance to be seen by all Blackpurl Users

Where to see this information in Blackpurl 

There are quite a few places that the users can now see this Accounts Receivable / AR Balance in Blackpurl

  • Customer Order > Customer information section 

Note the indicator  in the Customer header section to indicate there is an Accounts Receivable (A/R) Balance outstanding for this Customer

Then when you open the Customer details on a Customer Order, it will show the A/R Balance and the option to Receive Payment of Account


  • Customer Order > Invoice History section

Note the new A/R Balance column

  • Customer Record

Note the A/R Balance details

  • Reporting > Customer Invoice

The user can run a Customer Invoice report and then change parameter / filter to show AR Balance (Great than 0) and/or and also have the option of adding a new column - AR Balance

What to do with this information

Please have a dealership discussion of what the dealership wants the user to do with this information

  • Remind the customer that they have outstanding invoices if they see that there are monies owing to the Dealership? 
  • Ask for payment?
  • Nothing....