This report will assist the person who is pulling parts to meet the requirements of Customer Orders

It will list the parts that are available to be pulled and also a list of parts that have already been pulled

1.  From the Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports - Common SearchParts to Pull


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2.  Let's go through what this report is telling you:

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A.  Order Number - this is the relevant Customer Order number
  • Note that you can click onto the CO number and it will open up that Customer Order on a new screen
  • Once you have pulled the items, you can navigate to the relevant CO and indicate in the Parts Picklist section that you have Pulled the part and how many
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B.  Customer - Who the Customer is as per the Customer Record

C.  Sales Type - What is the Sale Type

D.  Item Description - the description  on the Part Record 

E.  Location - if this part has been assigned a location on the Part Record, it will indicate in this column

F.  Needed - The quantity of the part that is needed to satisfy that CO line item

G.  In Stock - showing how many are in stock

H.  Pulled - how many have already been Pulled to meet the quantity required
  • This information comes from the Parts Picklist section on the relevant Customer Order
  • If you have already Pulled some of the quantity and have marked on the line item in the Parts Picklist as to how many you have already Pulled, this is the quantity that will show up in this column on the report
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I.   To Pull - how many are left to Pull to meet the quantity required

3. The default search result can be changed if required:

  • The User can change the parameters by clicking on the User-added image

For example, the Dealership may want to select to only report on specific Sale Types

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  • Click on User-added image to change what columns you want to see or don't  want to see
  • Click on User-added image to either print or export the report to a csv or pdf file


For further tips and tricks on Reporting, please review our article - Reporting Tips - Totals / Changing Columns / Changing Parameters / Exporting Search Results