This article will go through what Reports we would be recommending for the Parts Manager run on a regular basis

Reporting - Parts Manager

This will give you a start and then the dealership can work out what other reports they may need to see 

All these reports can be generated through Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports - Common Search

All reports are setup with specific parameters and columns that match that particular report but the user can amend these parameters and columns etc as required

Please review this article - Reporting Tips - Totals / Changing Columns / Changing Parameters / Exporting Search Results 

Parts Needed

  • This report should be run on a daily basis by the user that places the Dealership's Vendor Orders

  • It will show you the parts that are required to be ordered to meet Special Orders 

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  • The user would review the report and then decide if they need to place any Vendor Orders

  • As you can see from the report generated above, it lists the Vendor / Quantity / Customer / Customer Order Number and Created date

Parts Valuation

  • If your Dealership requires you to keep an eye on the Parts Valuation, then this is the report for you

  • It is recommended that you run this report at least once a month - at the close of business of end of month or before open for business on the first day of the month and export the file

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  • Please note that this report is only good for the time that it is run

For example the Parts Valuation cannot be backdated to find out what is the Parts Valuation on the 1st January 2022

  • We have a specific article that covers the Part Valuation Report and recommend that you take the time to read the article.  To review this article, click on this link - Reporting - Part Valuation Report 

Part Movement

  • This report will allow the user to report on the changes in part inventory levels for a specific month or date range

  • Some of your Vendor/Suppliers may also require this information for their records

  • This would be an 'as required' report

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  • We have a specific article that covers the Part Movement Report and recommend that you take the time to read the article.  To review this article, click on this link - Reporting - Part Movement 

Part Inventory Aging

  • It will list all stock on hand parts, with the aging columns ie 30 days / 180 days / 365 days / >365 days

  • It will show both the quantity and cost value in the relevant aging columns 

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  • This will allow you to keep an eye on the slow moving items and work out what you need to do with them etc

  • The user can change the parameters or columns to report on a specific time frame etc

Special Order Summary 

  • This report will list all Special Order Customer Orders and the status ie All in Stock / Need to Order / Order Submitted

  • It will allow the user to see if any of the Customer Orders can be closed out or orders need to be completed 

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 All Vendor Orders

  • This report will list all OPEN Vendor Orders

  • An OPEN Vendor Order means that the user has not finalised the Vendor Order ie submitted it to the Vendor etc

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  • These should be cleaned up ie deleted or finalised etc

Active Receivings

  • This report will list any Vendor Receiving that are in progress

  • These in progress Vendor Receiving should be reviewed and finalised or deleted as required

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