Congratulations you are now LIVE with Blackpurl! 

Now that you have completed your activation process and completed your online training, you should be well equipped to be Day 1 ready

There will be many more great functionalities of Blackpurl for you and your team to discover and learn, moving forward, but just remember that Blackpurl is here to support you

Things to think about:

  • Have all your staff finished their online training?

This is so important as it will give you the basics of Blackpurl 

This is how you access your self paced online -

  • Do you know how to contact Blackpurl Support and how they can help you?

Please review this article as it will explain the role of Blackpurl Support and how you can tap into their resources - Blackpurl Support

  • If your Dealership has Accounting Integration, are you:

  • Processing the Day to Day Cash Reconciliation in Blackpurl?

This will definitely help you in the long run

The Cash Reconciliation action is basically balancing out the tills and EFT machines so that you know how much the Dealership is going to receive into your Bank Account

This article will assist - What is a Cash Reconciliation / How to process a Cash Reconciliation

  • Processing the deposits coming into your bank account?

This is a must!  As the deposits come into your bank account they must be processed to the undeposited funds General Ledger

Remember that Blackpurl will not post directly to your bank account - it uses the undeposited funds General Ledger as a clearing account so you can confirm that the payments have been received

This article will assist - Undeposited Funds General Ledger - Blackpurl and Accounting Package (Xero and QuickBooks) 

  • Keeping an eye on your Customer Deposit General Ledger and making sure it balances to the Customer Deposit total in Blackpurl?

Once you have accounted for your Customer Deposits brought over from your old system, in theory the total of the Customer Deposit General Ledger in your accounting package should balance to what Blackpurl indicates as Customer Deposits

This article will assist - Balancing out Customer Deposits 

  • Does your Dealership understanding and use the Vendor Order / Vendor Receiving / Vendor Invoice process?

This article will assist - Understanding the Vendor Ordering / Vendor Receiving / Vendor Invoices process (VO / VR / VI)

  • Is your Part Department using the Parts Need Report to know what to order for Special Order Customer Orders?

This article will assist - Reporting - Parts Needed 

Down the Track what reports should the Dealership be running

  • See our article on what we would recommend as End of Months Tasks:

Recommended End of Month Tasks (Xero)

Recommended End of Month Tasks (QuickBooks Online)


Keep in mind that the Stock Unit Valuation and Part Inventory Valuation Reports are only as good as the day they are run

For example:

Today is the 4th May 2022 and the Dealership wants to run the Stock Unit Valuation and Part Valuation Reports as at the 31st January 2022

These Reports do not have the ability to back date and get the valuations as of a past date