1. From the Blackpurl Header click on User-added image  > System settings

User-added image     

  2.  From the System Settings Dashboard  > click on  User-added image


  1. The Users section is split up into two tabs:
  • Licenced Users
  • Time Clocking Staff


User-added image


Tab 1 - Licenced Users

In this section you can see the list of Licenced Users already setup in your system

These Licenced Users can be amended by click on  on the relevant User line item
Make sure you tab off the line after you made your amendments as this will then save the changes

This is also where you can add any additional Licenced Users but the adding of an additional Licenced Users, would depend on how many Licenced Users you have contracted Blackpurl for

For example - if your agreement with Blackpurl is for 5 Licenced Users, the system will only allow you to add up to 5 Licenced Users. If you need additional licences, please email our sales team - sales@blackpurl.com

If you have a sufficient licence count to add an additional Licenced User simply complete the First Name / Last Name / Email Address fields and then indicate if the new user will be a technician > then click on User-added image

Your new user will now list in the bottom section of the screen under Licenced Users list

TIP:  Once you have setup a new Licenced User, it is a good time to setup their permissions.  To do this, please review our article - What are User Permissions / How to Setup User Permissions

Tab 2 - Time Clocking Staff

This is a list of staff who are setup for Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking and will allow you to add additional Time Clocking Staff.  Please review our article - Payroll Clocking and Job Clocking Setup for further information etc

This is also the list of staff who are setup as Salespersons for use in a Customer Order Unit Deal - Please review our article - Setup Customer Order Unit Deal - Salesperson (for commission)