This article will explain what a sublet is and how to setup sublets in Blackpurl

What is a Sublet

A sublet is work performed by a third party - such as custom painting or machine shop work completed outside the dealership

This third-party work will then be billed by the Dealership to the Customer on a Customer Order


  • On the relevant Vendor Records, you need to indicate that the Vendors are available for Sublet Purchases

  • This is done by setting up the Vendor with Product and Services

Once the Vendor has been setup and is available for Sublet Purchases, the next step is to learn how to setup a sublet

How to Setup a Sublet 


  1. The first thing that needs to be done is to set up the Sublet on the Vendor Record
To do this navigate to the Vendor Record  > Product and click on User-added image

User-added image

  1. The New Product window will pop up

User-added image

Let's go through the requirements:

1.   Type - Click on User-added image and select Sublet

2.   Code - Give the new Sublet a Code (basically a name) ie Paint or Custom

3.   Description - Give the new Sublet a Description ie Custom Paint Job

4.   Cost Method - Click on User-added image and select Fixed Cost 

5.   Cost Rate - Type in the cost to the Dealership

6.   Price - Type in how much the Dealership is going to charge the customer for this Sublet.

7.   Category - Select a Category for this Sublet

8.   Taxable -  Is the Sublet taxable?  If Taxable is checked, a new field will pop up - Applicable Tax > 
 allocate the Applicable Tax

Once complete > click on User-added image

User-added image


Generic Sublets - the dealership can create just generic sublets for Vendors and just use them over and over again

When creating a generic sublet, the user would leave the Cost and Price at zero

Then when the sublet is added to a Customer Order, the price to the customer would need to be entered / the cost will show up for profitability purposes on Customer Order once the Vendor Receiving for the Sublet has been processed with a cost amount 

How to Add a Sublet to a Customer Order

In Blackpurl, Sublets must be attached to a Customer Order - the Dealership cannot process a Vendor Order for a sublet without it being attached to a Customer Order first

Sublets can only be added to Customer Order Service Jobs or Unit Deals

For our example below, we are going to add the Sublet Paint to a Service Job

  1. In the Service Job > labour, parts & Job item section - click into the Scan or search to add field and type in Sublet
Select the search keyword Sublet as this will narrow down your search criteria to only search in Sublets and then continue searching for your sublet.

  1. Once you have found the Sublet required, click to select

The Sublet will be added to your Service Job and any changes to Qty or Price needs to be done at this step 


  1. Note the status of the Sublet line item is REQUIRED.  

  1. This means that a Special Order section is now in play and that the user will need to complete all relevant steps for a Special Order 
  • Process a Parts Order (Vendor Order - VO) to the Third Party doing the work.

The Sublet will be sitting under the Vendor waiting for the user to add it to a Vendor Order.

For further information, please review our article - How to Create A Vendor Order for a Customer Special Order (Parts and Sublets)

  • Process a Parts Receiving (Vendor Receiving - VR) once you have the work / job back from the Third Party. 
For further information, please review our article - How to Receipt / Receive Parts into your Inventory (including Sublets)

Once you have processed a VR, this will allow you to finalise the Customer Order for the Sublet as the status on the Sublet line item on the Customer Order will be Received.

  • Process a Parts Invoice (Vendor Invoice - VI) once the Tax Invoice has been received from the Third Party.
For further information, please review our article - How to Create a Vendor Invoice - Reconcile Parts Invoice (Parts and Sublets)

Remember that your hard copy Tax Invoice from the Third Party must match the $ figures on the VI in Blackpurl.

To keep a track of all active Service Sublets in the system, please review this article - Reporting - Active Service Sublet