Searching for Parts

We have changed how the search results for parts are displayed.

The new search results will still display the QTY available but will also display the Vendor and Location (if it has been entered on the Part Record) of the Part.

For Example:

Global Part Search 

  • From the Blackpurl Header we did a Global Part Search for the Part# ABC123. 
  • The search results show the relevant Vendor and the location:

User-added image

Customer Orders

  • On a Parts & Accessories section of a Customer Order we searched for Part# ABC123.
  • The search result listed both part numbers with the relevant Vendor and Location.

User-added image


Searching for Units - Make / Models / Submodels

We have made changes in Blackpurl to make searching for Units a lot easier.

Blackpurl now allows you not only to search using Make / Model but also allows the searching of units using Submodel.