This article will show you how to add internal comments to a Customer Order

How to add Internal Comments to a Customer Order

It maybe necessary to record Internal Comments on Customer Orders

  1. From the Add to this Order section on the Customer Order > click on Internal Comments

User-added image

  1. A new Internal Comment section will now open on the Customer Order
Type the comment in the Your comment section and then click on User-added image

User-added image

  1. Once you have posted the comment, it will now list in the Internal Comments section:

User-added image

Further information 

  • The last Internal Comment posted will show at the top of the Internal Comments section

  • All Internal Comments posted by all users will show up in the Internal Comments section

  • You can edit or delete your own comments > click on the relevant icon - User-added imagebut Users will not have the ability to edit or delete another Users Internal Comments

  • In any Advanced Searches relevant to Customer Orders, a Notes column can be added to the search results that will list the list the last posted Internal Comment for each Customer Order

In the example below, we did an Advanced Search for My Customer Orders and add the Notes column

User-added image

  • You will also have the ability to add additional Internal Comments even if the Customer Order is closed

  • Each individual Internal Comment can be up to 255 characters