This article will go through Text Message Templates - what templates are available to you (default text templates) / how to amend or create new templates and where they will be available to be used


To have Text Message Templates available, you must already subscribe to 2 way texting

Please contact our sales team if you are interested in 2 way texting by emailing or review this article - Texting (SMS) Blackpurl - What you need to know to set it up / How to Send and Receive Text Messages

Accessing Text Message Templates

To access your Text Message Templates - System Settings > Text message templates

Default Text Message Templates

  • Once 2 way texting has been setup on your Blackpurl, you will be setup with default Text Message Templates 
  • Your dealership can just use the default templates and/or you have the option of creating new Text Message Templates

To create a new Text Message Template:

  • Simply click on >  + Create a template 

  • then complete the New text template window


1.Template Name Exactly what it says - give your template a name
2.Type your message

Type what you want this text message to say

**You can add variables from the system ie Store Name etc, by clicking on "[" and selecting the relevant variable

Character Count
Keep an eye on the number of characters you have used for this template
Don't forget to save your changes!
5. VariablesList of Variables that you can use in the body of the text in 2.


To edit or delete an existing Text Message Template

  • To edit - find the relevant Text Message Template > then click on  and make your changes

  • To delete - find the relevant Text Message Template > then click on

Remember that if you deleted the wrong templates, you cannot restore it but will need to instead create a brand new template 

Using Text Message Templates

  • To use a text template, when you click on Send Text from the Customer Record or from the Customer Order, the Send a Text window will load and you will have the option to Select a text message template