This article will explain how to run a Stock Unit Valuation

This report can be beneficial for those Dealerships who have accounting integration and want to balance out to the relevant Inventory general ledgers in their accounting package or checking your Floorplan documentation see what units are still in stock


This report can be back dated to give you the Stock Unit Valuation at a date in the past

See the section below - Change the Parameters - Run the Report for a specific Date 

How to run the report:

From the Blackpurl Header > click on Reporting - Reports

User-added image

Run the Stock Units Report - Common Search > Stock Unit Valuation

The default parameters are:


Type:Inventory Units
Status:In Stock
Unit Type:Stock Unit 
In Stock As Of:

The default columns are: 

  • Type
  • Make
  • Model
  • Submodel
  • Year
  • Stock Number
  • Category
  • New Unit indicator
  • Age
  • Base Unit Cost 
  • Factory Option Cost
  • Deal Option Cost Total Cost
  • Deal Options WIP

Remember you can add / remove columns as required by clicking on  

To see Totals, click on  and it will list the default totals

Once you have the base report you can change the parameters / columns / totals / date to get the report that you need

Change the Parameters - Run the Report for a specific Date 

If you wish to run the report at a specific date to see the Stock Unit Valuation Reports as of a date in the past, just change the parameter:

In Stock As Of:  Change this to Specific Date and then indicate the date

Then don't forget to click on

Print / Export the Report 

If you need to export or print > click on


If you are balancing Blackpurl to your Accounting Package, we would recommend that you Group Records by Category (see above screen shot)

This will allow you to compare the Inventory General Ledger (which is attached to the Category) in your Accounting Package to the total of the report Category in Blackpurl

Once you are happy with the layout of the report etc, we would recommend that you save it as a CUSTOM search by clicking on User-added image

Further Information 

For further information on Blackpurl Reports, please review our articles: