What’s new?

Scheduling multiple technicians on a single appointment

  • You can now schedule more than one technician on a single appointment via the add/edit appointment screen

  • A single technician can also be scheduled multiple times on a single appointment


Supersession notification

  • Whenever a part record has been added to a CO / VO / VR that has been superseded, a notification will be displayed for that line item indicating the part number it has been superseded to

  • It will still be up to the user to action this notification (if required)

  • This is an example how it appears on a Customer Order > Parts & Accessories section when a part has been added that has been superseded

New order Fulfillment document

  • New Order Fulfillment document is available from Customer Order which will not only include the items on the invoice but also the items from previous invoices for the same CO as well as items which have yet to be fulfilled    

  • This will also allow you to type in Tracking Numbers (if needed) during the checkout process

  • For further information, please review our article - Order Fulfillment Document

Vendor Receiving (VR) Performance Improvements / Changes

  • By default the Users focus will be placed in the Packing Slip# field as soon as the VR is generated

  • We have changed the default behaviour of VR so that it no longer attaches all unreceived VO’s and VO items to the VR when the VR is generated

  • VOs now by default are not be automatically selected.  The User will now need to select only those VO’s they want to receive against

  • Users also now have the ability to search for the VO which is handy when there is a very long list of unreceived VOs

  • Fixed issues with the Expected date not being properly populated in the VO listing

  • The sort order of the VOs has been changed to a) first list selected VO’s and then list any others by expected date with currently due listed first followed by overdue VO’s followed by future due VO’s

  • The User can now receive against the unreceived VO’s when they have not selected any of the unreceived VOs.  This ensures that users who want to receive solely by part number can still receive them against unreceived VOs

  • For further information, please review our article - How to Receipt / Receive Parts into your Inventory (including Sublets)

What’s improved?

  • Improvement - the performance of the Make / Model management screens when the Blackpurl contains a large number of makes, models and/or submodels
  • Resolved - issue syncing customers to QB/Xero caused by invalid characters in the customer name field
  • Resolved - QB sync failures caused by "unable to lock row" error while syncing invoice payments and part adjustments
  • Resolved - issue which caused a VR to be synced to QB/Xero multiple times (specific dealership only)
  • Resolved - issue which caused incorrect values on the Scheduler > Week View when the technician has an extended leave time entry
  • Resolved - issue which caused FEE line items from KITS in Deal Service to not be properly reflected in the accounting journal entries (specific dealership only)
  • Resolved - an issue which incorrectly caused a third party claim invoice to attempt to send an invoice to QB/Xero even through all the items have been removed from the CO > Service Job
  • Resolved - issue with resyncing script which incorrectly reposted journals entries that were already posted (specific Dealership only)
  • Resolved - issue with prevented the user from creating a new transaction type in Accounting Integration
  • Resolved - issue which caused an invoice to post to Xero to not include sales taxes (unique scenario for specific Dealership only)
  • Resolved - an issue with syncing job clocking entries to Xero as it was not posting in all scenarios (specific Dealership only)
  • Release - Custom Forms that have been mapped and made available for specific Dealerships
  • Correction - deployment issues with 2.45.0 regarding new scheduler feature
  • Resolved - issue with submitting site specific export file
  • Correction - issue which caused the Tracking numbers to not always save with the invoice
  • Correction - grammar in VR notification relating to parts being on an unselected VOs
  • Resolved - issue with not being able to create a CO due to Customer name restrictions which were incorrectly implemented
  • Resolved - issue where the CO Picklist could not print with Service Job until a unit was assigned to the Service Job
  • Updated - Subject Line for Notification Email regarding site specific file uploads
  • Resolved - issue which allowed part records to be deleted even through they were still in use on active COs
  • Resolved - issue with receiving units without populating the stock number field
  • Resolved - issue with unit reporting by status which was caused by the introduction of consignment unit feature
  • Resolved - issue with back end tags on service jobs caused when a part has a very long description
  • Correction - issue on customer invoice where the date shown on the document is one day prior to the actual invoice date
  • Correction - issue which would not allow a deal to be set to Approved due to active service jobs
  • Correction - issue where the packaged information was not being shown for a line item when the package unit was blank
  • Release - Additional Custom Form that have been mapped and made available for specific Dealership
  • Improvement - new process for automatically resolving Xero Access Denied and Read Time out sync failures
  • Resolved - an issue which was causing the return quantity on Vendor Returns to be reset back to zero when approved action is completed