Dealerships are able to change the Customer on a Customer Order with the option on the Customer section

When the Customer is changed on a Customer Order the user may get confirmation warnings that:

  • Units will be removed from service jobs and they will have to reassign them

  • Trade-ins will be removed from deals and new trade-ins will need to be selected

  • Any related service appointments will be removed from the scheduler and they will need to recreate them

A few items of importance:

  • Please remember that changing the customer on a Customer Order may also cause prices to be recalculated if the new customer has a different price level or tax exemptions.  Our suggestion is if you change the Customer on a Customer Order please remember to review the prices 
  • Internal comments will be added to the Customer Order whenever the customer is changed.

While a lot of the restrictions that stopped the user from changing the Customer on a Customer Order have been removed, these restrictions will still remain in place: 

  • The Customer Order is closed

  • An invoice has been generated from the Customer Order 

  • There are active payments in checkout

  • It contains completed Service Jobs

  • It contains a Unit Deal with an Approved status

  • It has a Unit Deal with trade-in that has been stocked in

  • It contains AR credit payments in checkout or deposits

  • It contains store credit payments in checkout or deposits which have not been refunded/reversed to store credit