What's new?

Watch this space

There are some new and exciting features that we are betta testing at the moment and once all the testing is complete, they will be released 

What's Improved? 

  • Changes - QuickBooks Online framework changes (Internal)
  • Developed - script to create a csv file for listing of parts which shows they are committed but in actual they are not (Internal)
  • Resolved - truncated the new DocNumber to 21 characters and after truncating if it's not the same as original Credit then only AR credit payment/deposit is processed else user is given toast error notification "Can't process AR credit as credit number is too long" 
  • Developed - script for Lien Payouts sync for both QuickBooks Online and Xero (Internal)
  • Resolved - an issue where available quantity is shown as negative in case of oversold
  • Resolved - an issue to sync customer order invoice to QuickBooks Online in case of only trade-in deal
  • Resolved - an issue while syncing unit price adjustment to QuickBooks Online 
  • Improvement - updated logo on preferred payment model window
  • Resolved - loading issue for part inventory and invoice detail report
  • Resolved - an apex error on profitability for customer orders imported from DP360
  • Resolved - a packaged cost bug on the editing part
  • Resolved - an overlapping issue of the city with address in BOS print/email
  • Released - mapped forms for specific Dealerships.  The relevant Dealerships will be notified directly