This article will explain the need for verifying the email address that you use in Blackpurl that you send out emails through 

In Blackpurl you have the ability to send and receive emails from 1 email address

This is called your org wide email address

When you start out with Blackpurl, the email address given as the org wide email address will be sent a verification email from Salesforce (Salesforce is the platform that Blackpurl is built on)

The email will look something like this 

Header image

Dear "Customer Name",

We have received the following request to add this Salesforce Organization-Wide Email Address.

New Organization-Wide Email Address:Your chosen email address will appear here

Click this link to confirm this Organization-Wide Email Address;

This link expires 72 hours after the receipt of this message. To confirm your email address, you must click the link before it expires.

If you have any questions, please contact your administrator. Or, after you have logged in, click the Help & Training link at the top of any page for online help and customer support information.

Thank you,

It is very important that you click on the link within the Salesforce Verification Email

This will verify the email address which will be used as your Company Wide email - whenever you send documents from Blackpurl, this is the email that they will come from

This link needs to be actioned to help ensure your emails do not get sent to your customers' spam folders.