This article will cover the feature of Scheduled Reporting - what it does and how to set up Scheduled Reporting 

Important Information 

  • This will allow you to schedule a certain report to run at a certain frequency 

  • For security purposes, only emails attached to Blackpurl Licensed Users can receive the Scheduled Reports

  • At the moment not all Reports can be scheduled

For the initial roll out of this feature, only basic reports will be able to be scheduled

Any report that has multiple parameters will not be able to be scheduled at this time

However this feature will be expanded to cover more and more reports as time goes on 

How to setup a Scheduled Report

As indicated in the Important Information above, not all reports are available to be be scheduled

The user can see if a report is available for scheduling is by hovering over the on the relevant report and then clicking on the to see the options - Report Scheduling or Copy

Click on Report Scheduling and the Report Scheduling window will pop up to fill in your requirements  

A.Name this Report 
B.Who will be getting emailed the Scheduled Report
** It will need to be a Blackpurl Licensed User 
C. The report will be in the csv format
D.Indicate frequency - Daily / Weekly / Monthly
E. If you select the frequency as Daily in D.  - what time of the day do you want the report to run
If you select the frequency as Weekly in D. - what day of the week do you want the report to run
If you select the frequency as Monthly in D. - what day of the month do you want the report to run on
F.What time of day do you want the report to automatically run ie end of day etc
G. Don't forget to SAVE

Once you have completed the setup, to see what report/s have been scheduled, you will notice a calendar icon next to the relevant report -

Once the Scheduled Report is set up, it will continue to run until the scheduling is removed 

To remove click on the and you will have a new set of options including Edit Report Scheduling and Delete Report Scheduling