What's new? 

Service Job Statuses

As requested by quite a few of our Dealerships, we have made some changes to the Service Job statuses:

  • We have now given the Dealership the ability to rename most of the service job statuses and set the color used for the status icon 

  • We have also added an additional optional status so there are now 10 that can be renamed and / or enabled/disabled

For further information, please review our article - Service Job Statuses - Selecting / Editing / Enabling which Service Job Statuses to use in your Blackpurl

Payment Method Surcharges - for example credit card fees 

We are now allowing Dealerships to be able to automatically charge a Customer a surcharge based on the Payment Method used

For example - when a customer pays by the Payment Method of Visa / Mastercard / Amex / Discover / Preferred Payments (if applicable) then the customer will also be automatically charged a % surcharge for using this method

There are a few setup items, the Dealership will need to look after but once set up, this surcharge will be calculated and exposed in Checkout / Deposit and AR Payments

We have also provided a new User Permission that if enabled will allow control over which users will be able to override the calculated surcharge

For further information, please review the following articles - Payment Method Surcharge - Setup / Where it is available in Blackpurl

Receive from Vendor Order action 

There is a new action on a submitted Vendor Order (VO) that the user can select to receive straight from the VO screen

This will automatically create a Vendor Receiving and it will contain all unreceived items from that Vendor Order

Bulk unit receiving update

When processing a Bulk Unit Receiving, Users now have the option of manually entering their own stock numbers

Keeping in mind that if no stock numbers are manually entered then Blackpurl will still automatically assign stock numbers

Job Clocking update

As requested by a few of our Dealerships, we now have additional unit information exposed (including VIN) for all jobs listed in job clocking

Unit Ordering - Factory Options 

Factory Options on Order Units now have the option of being taxable or not

This will allow control by the user, in having the option on each Factory Option to say if it is taxable or not

It will automatically follow the default but the user will have the option of moving the taxable toggle ON/OFF (as required) for each Factory Options

AR Payment - Adding an additional Payment Method of Direct Deposit 

We have been asked by quite a few of our Dealerships to add the Payment Method - Direct Deposit as part of the Payment Method list for AR Payments from the Customer Record screen

For further information, please review our article -  Invoices that have been closed as Payment Method: Charge on Account - Receiving Payment of Account in Blackpurl (Accounting Integration)

VO/VR update - MFG Part# 

For vendor order and vendor receive, we have exposed the MFG Part # from the part record for each line item, both on the screen and on the printed documents

Example below of a Part Record that has the MFG Part# indicated and how it will show up on a VO and VR

VO Update - Notes to be editable until the VO is fully received 

We were locking the notes field on vendor orders once the order has been submitted

It is now editable until the status of the VO becomes "Received" at which time it will lock down with the last note that is in that field

For further information, please review our article - Notes section on a Vendor Order (VO)

What's Improved? 

Resolved - a UI issue in the BRP part availability screen
Changed - the quantity available from the manufacturer when the part is discontinued, we will now show 0 instead of 9999

Resolved - an issue where the user was not able to cash reconciliation in a specific scenario where the user has made payment against A/R payment for the day

Changed - A toast error message "Please raise a support ticket to disconnect the auth method for the user." will now display when the user clicks on "Disconnect auth method". Only users that are in the User Group "Admin" and BP support will be able to disconnect the auth methods for the other users

Changed - Implemented changes where vendor control price functionality was ignoring lock on part pricing and price was changed. Now, Vendor control prices will not update part prices if those prices are locked

Resolved - an issue where sublets were not shown under the part pick list section on customer order

Resolved - an issue where data was not shown correctly for one column field while printing and previewing the service job report

Resolved - an error message on finalize vendor receiving

Resolved - an issue where the Bill of sale was printed on three pages instead of two pages