This article will explain how the Global Search action works and what are the benefits

What are the Benefits of this Global Search 

  • Hotkey access 

With this feature you can now access the Global Search from anywhere in the BP application

You no longer have to use your mouse to select search from the Blackpurl Header and can keep your hands on the keyboard

Hotkeys are shortcut key combinations commonly used on Windows and Mac computers

This is our first implementation of hotkeys and plan on introducing more in the future

To access Global Search from anywhere simply use the following key combinations:

Windows:    <CTRL-G>

Mac:        <CMD-G>

  • Faster results

A large number of changes were implemented which drastically improved the performance of Global Search

There is now significantly less time waiting for results to appear

  • New look and feel

We have changed the look and feel of the searching that will allow you to filter more / see recent searches / provide you with groupings of your search results etc 

How to use the Global Search 

Access to the Global Search

  • From the Blackpurl Header, simply click



  • Use the Hotkey method - from anywhere in Blackpurl

Windows:    <CTRL-G>

Mac:        <CMD-G>

Recent Searches

Once you have selected this Global Search, it will not only prompt you to enter your search text but will also present you with a screen showing your

Recent searches are the 8 most recent records you have not only searched for but also navigated to, from this Global Search tool - if needed you can quickly navigate to one of these recent searches by clicking on the relevant Recent Search result 

New Search 

Should you wish to execute a new general search for something else, just start typing text into the search box

You will need to typed in at least two characters for the research results to begin to appear in the main results section

As you type in more characters the search results will updated with more results that suit the text you typed in


If you already know what type of records you are looking for you can filter or pre filter the search results in one of two ways:

Filters icon

This icon allows you to select which types of records you want to see results for

Slash command

If you are looking for one specific record type you can use the quick slash command

By starting your search off with the slash character “/” you will get a list of commands you can select from

You don’t even have to use your mouse to select one

Just use your up or down arrow keys to highlight the one you want and then press enter

Also, similar to how the old search allowed the user to enter a keyword followed by a colon “:” you can easily type in the full slash command followed by a space to begin searching for that specific record type - a good example is the old “co:”, now it’s “/co”

Grouping of Search Results

Search results are always grouped by the type of record

When only one filter is selected we will show 20 results under that single grouping

When there is more than one filter or no filters selected, we will show 4 results per grouping

In either case if there are still more results available for any of the groupings you can access every single one of them without leaving Global search

At the end of a grouping you will see

Selecting this will now show you every single possible result available under that grouping

Once you have found the record you want, just click on it and you will be navigated to that record