What's new? 

Bulk Discounting on Customer Pay Customer Orders > Parts & Accessories / Service Jobs

We have given the ability to the Dealership to apply bulk discounting on Customer Pay Customer Order - Part & Accessories and Service Jobs 

There will be a user permission attached to this option which will restrict which user can use this feature 

We have also give the Dealership a way to see when / who added the bulk discount and / or see if / when the bulk discount was changed 

For further information, please refer to this article - Discount on Customer Orders

Vendor Return Credits for Parts 

We have made changes to how Vendor Return Credits for Parts are processed in Blackpurl 

We now allow Dealerships to do process multiple Vendor Credit Memos against a single BP Vendor Return which in turns also allows one Vendor Credit Memo to be processed against multiple BP Vendor Returns 

For further information, please review our article - How to Create a Vendor Return and Process a Credit Note for Parts / Reporting on Vendor Returns 

Vendor / Customer Records - Abbreviating State / Province Names 

On Blackpurl records that need the State or Province names, we will now be abbreviated them 

For USA / Canada we will be using the standard 2 character abbreviations 

For Australia we will be using the standard 2 or 3 character abbreviations 

We have had to make this change as we are finding that Forms that our Dealerships need only had a limited space in the State / Province fields 

The only change that Dealerships will see is when they use the State / Province field on a Blackpurl Customer or Vendor Record, only the abbreviated names will come up for selection etc

Reopen Vendor Orders

We have now given the ability to reopen Vendor Orders to the Dealership.  However please note that there are certain requirements that need to be met for this functionality to be available 

For further information, please review our article - How to Reopen a Vendor Order (VO)

What's Improved? 

Resolved - issues related to committing or not committing parts when moving line items between CO sections or COs

Resolved - an issue encountered when processing AR payments and an invoice being paid was reopen while the payment was being processed

Resolved - an issue which caused the Last Sold date on a part to not be populated when third-party jobs are invoiced

Resolved - an issue which reported a part sale as active when in fact it is on a finalized and closed CO

Resolved - an issue that allowed a customer unit to show as Active when in fact it had been traded in on a deal

Resolved - an issue related to part locations where it would not allow the user to select a 3 character location that contains a space in the middle of it

Resolved - an issue encountered on claim service jobs when a kit was broken up after the claim had been submitted

Resolved - an issue found in Org reconciliations for Deal Options where deal service items were being included twice

Resolved - UI issue on tablets where the new BP homepage icon was blocking/hiding the new GS search filter icon 

Resolved - some formatting issues on the Cash reconciliation print document

Implemented - the ability to put a check mark in a box on forms
Resolved - an issue where force oversold was taking a long time for cash sale

Resolved - an issue  where the screen was unresponsive  while Assigning tax Rate under tax code

Resolved - an issue where discount percentages were being unexpectedly entered for the merchandise section when users were not focusing on the search box and typing a part number to add a line item
Resolved - an issue where users encountered an error while attempting to make a payment on account for multiple invoices using Preferred Payments

Resolved - an error message when trying to import processed price files

Resolved - a calculation issue for the customer page “Average spend per order” statistics tile

Resolved - an issue with sorting the Product history detail report using the quantity column

Resolved - an intermittent issue which prevented a kit from being added to a service job

Resolved - an issue on the deal units report where it was not reporting cost correctly for consignment units

Resolved - an issue on the deal units report where it was not populating the email column for business type customers

Resolved - an issue encountered when modifying the quantity on quote CO line items

Resolved - an issue encountered when syncing the chart of accounts and it was incorrectly messaging that there was a connection issue

Repositioned the toast error messages so they would no longer temporarily block access to the top nav bar