What's new? 

New Global Search

Thank you for your feedback on the new Global Search feature 

We have taken your feedback and have released a few tweaks that will make search results more accurate 

Customer Order > Search to Add (STA)

The Search to Add (STA) is where the user types/scans in the part number / labour etc for search to add to the Customer Order

Again thank you for your feedback and advise that we have made a few changes to this section so that the search results are more accurate 

Kenect SMS Integration (beta release only)

Shortly we will be able to offer our North American Dealerships another option for SMS in Blackpurl 

We are currently working with our Beta tester for this new option and once we are happy with the beta testing, it will be available to all our North American Dealerships

Watch this space!

Customer Order > Payment Reference No.

For those Dealerships that use the Payment Reference Number in the Deposit section and Checkout section, it will now list that Reference # on the relevant user end documentation as well as in the Deposit and Checkout section

For example


You can see that we typed in the MC REF#123 in the Reference # field 

In the Deposit section - it will now show like this:

When printing or emailing a Deposit Receipt, it will also show the Reference # in the bottom section like this:

In the Checkout section - it will show as this:

You can see that we typed ABC1452 in the Reference #


When we finalise and print the Invoice, the reference numbers will carry over and show on the bottom section of the Invoice

What's Improved? 

Resolved - an issue in the journal entry for the VR where the NAME field was not populating on all of the line items

Resolved - an issue where refreshing the CO page triggered an attempt to dereference a null object error

Resolved - an issue where supersession was not being created using the price file or APF if the part already had any other relation with another part

Resolved - an issue where adding a labor item to a service job was causing an exception for internal service

Resolved - an issue where CO invoice JE syncing failed due to the error of total credits not being equal to total debits

Resolved - a tax flag issues for temporary unit

Changed - Created a new custom field for Last Modified Date and a new field for Last Modified By.  This will assist with Reporting 

Resolved - a null or argument error while syncing customer order invoice journal entry to QuickBooks Online

Changed - Support tile from system settings to be hidden as it is not required 

Resolved - an issue where it is automatically adding non approval returns to return credit screen.

Changed - to show VIN and FO# number for order units in prints.

Changed - Cloud icon is removed from the report section

Resolved - an error when trying to assign a tax rate to a tax code that is not showing all tax rates

Resolved - an issue where the Tax detail report was not shown for the last three months

Resolved - an issue where break up kit functionality was not working in case the CO async flag is turned ON

Resolved - an issue while posting an inventory file to SOM