What's new? 

Commit / Order control for parts on Customer Order > Service Jobs 

This is the same functionality that already exists on Customer Order > Parts & Accessories section that allows a user to control when parts are committed is now available on Customer Order > Service Jobs 

Please review our updated article - Change Committed Parts on Customer Order

Customer Accounts Receivable (AR) Activity Update (Dealerships will Accounting Integration only)

We have improved the user experience in the A/R Activity section of a Customer Record by provide additional information about Charge on Account Blackpurl invoices and credits that have already been paid

Each item listed also provides the invoice number as a hyperlink to the related entry in the accounting application

Custom Unit Data Fields 

If your Dealership has Custom Unit Data Fields setup, then we have made changes so that these Custom Unit Data fields show up by default when creating or editing a Customer Owned Unit record / creating or editing on the Unit Order screen 

For example

This Dealership has 2 Custom Unit Data fields (Custom Data Field - Fuel and Custom Data Field - Size) - see how they are now showing up as a default when ADD A NEW CUSTOMER OWNED UNIT basically reminding the user that they may need to fill these fields out

For further information, please review our article - Custom Data Fields on Customer Owned Units and Unit Records

Part Inventory Valuation Report - New Columns 

We have been requested by quite a few of our Dealerships to have 'Available Cost' and 'Committed Cost' columns when running a Part Inventory Valuation report so these have now been introduced  

If these columns are added to the Report result, then they will also be made available for the user to add them as part of the Summary Total

For further information on the Part Inventory Valuation Report, please review our updated article - Reporting - Part Inventory Valuation

Tax Detail Report - New Column

A new optional column is now available called “Contents” and the value in this column will summarize the contents of the invoice.  In the case of deal invoices it will include the stock numbers of the units sold

For further information on the Tax Detail Report, please review our updated article - Reporting - Tax Detail

What's Improved? 

Changed - User can now delete blank vendor return credits

Resolved - an issue where images were not being transferred from the stock unit over to the customer unit when the unit is sold

Resolved - an issue where declined concerns were not being saved/displayed properly as declined

Resolved - an issue which caused an error state when generating part movement reports for more than a six month period of time

Resolved - an issue which allowed a user to manually create technician clocking entries which overlap the time on existing entries

Changed - the remove ‘Remove link’ for a COU on the view customer page so that it sets the unit to inactive instead of deleting it

Resolved - a default Zebra printer setup issue when the customer uses more than one label printer

Changed - the new Global Search so that vendor return credits can be included in the results

Changed - the new GS so that unit results are now split into three groupings: Unit inventory, Customer units and Order units with each now has its own filter and slash command

Resolved - an issue where part status is not always shown correctly on the part sale section header

Improved - search enhancements for Part, Customer and Vendor
Resolved - an error while receiving payment from A/R activity on the view customer screen
Resolved - an error where the internal service incorrectly debit the unit inventory GL. Instead it needs to debit the COGS GL for the unit when the deal is already invoiced
Resolved - a bug with Refunding Deposits when Payment Method Surcharge enabled

Resolved - a divide by zero issue  while submitting a claim in case default tax on claim deductibles is zero percentage
Changed - Implemented lazy loading on the unit order history page to handle large numbers of records

Integration Updates:

Kenect integration 

  • Updated the Sent By value to now also indicate if the message was sent from Kenect and not BP

  • Incoming message text truncated to 255 characters

  • Prevent duplicate messages from appearing for the same message UUID

SOM Universal API updates

  • Handled File path and Org Code in SOM API request

  • data fixes for SOM files