This is your standard Blackpurl Homepage:

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Let's break it down:

Blackpurl Header

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  • This header is at the top of every Blackpurl window

  • It is the heart of Blackpurl - it is your "go to" when you want to do something in Blackpurl ie Sell / Reporting etc

Real-Time Dashboard

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  • Your key daily, weekly and monthly metrics are now at your finger tips
  • At a quick glance, you can view the Store Summary / Service Jobs / Vendor Orders and Customer Orders metric
  • If you want to drill down into the information, just click into that field and it will load the information in the reporting section

Activity Feed

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  • It allows you real time live activity feeds
  • There are two tabs
    • My Activity (this will only show what you have been processing in Blackpurl)
    • Store Activity (this will show activity in the dealership)

  • If you want further information, you can click on the activity to show you the actual transaction

Limit Access to Blackpurl Homepage

Dealerships can limit which users can have access to the Blackpurl Homepage Dashboard

For example you may not wish your technicians to review the Store Summary figures or be able to see how much Customer Deposit the dealership is holding 

If your Dealership wishes to limit access to user, please review this article - User Permission - Homepage Dashboard